Kidsburgh Hero

You can help this Kidsburgh Hero bring soccer equipment to the children of Cajamarca, Peru

Photo above by Emilio Garcia used by permission via Unsplash.

When the Kidsburgh team heard about a new project launched by Avonworth Lydija Amayo, we knew she deserved the title of Kidsburgh Hero. And we were sure that many families throughout the Pittsburgh community will want to help Lydija with her project, which she is calling The Beautiful Gift.

Lydija’s father’s family comes from Cajamarca, Peru — a place she describes as “a beautiful, poor, mountainous, agricultural region.” As a lifelong soccer player and a volunteer soccer coach, this high school senior understands why people throughout the world call soccer “the Beautiful Game.” She also can relate to the many children throughout Cajamarca who love playing the game.

But while Lydija and so many Pittsburgh kids have access to the gear they need to play soccer, many kids in Peru live in poverty. For them, the basic items — soccer jerseys, soccer balls and cleats — are out of reach.

So she has a plan: When Lydija and her family visit relatives in Cajamarca in February, she wants to bring donated soccer gear to the kids at Cristo Rey Maristas, the school where her uncle Juanaso is a physical education teacher.

Here’s how you can help: 

If you are interested in collecting at your business or in your neighborhood, reach out to Lydija, Meghan, and Jose Amayo at

You can also get in touch with Lydija via the Beautiful Gift Facebook page and Twitter account. Follow these social media accounts to learn about donation drop-off locations that will be set up around the North Hills in the coming weeks.

Here’s what they need: 

  • Indoor/turf soccer shoes (fulbito is an extremely popular futsal-like game played on concrete courts all over South America)
  • Soccer balls (all sizes and colors)
  • Jerseys, shorts, socks (all sizes and colors)
  • Cleats, shin guards, keeper gloves (all these are luxury items in Peru)

These donated items can be new or used. All are accepted, even items that have a hole or are a little worn (“as long as it is not being held together with duct tape,” we’re told).

Kidsburgh is glad to help spread the word about this donation drive. Congratulations, Lydija, for being a true Kidsburgh Hero!

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