Kindness Grows Here

Want to spread kindness? Your child can apply for a ‘Kindness Grows Here’ grant

Story and photo above by Kidsburgh contributor Hera Nafees. 

Last year, when I was trying to initiate the idea of having a diversity committee at my son Aaban’s school, my son had an idea: What if he could find a way of spreading kindness at his school? So we began researching for organizations that could help us in providing resources or guidance. We discovered a nonprofit organization called “Kindness Grows Here.”

They offer “Kid Kindness Grants” to young people around the U.S. and globally who want to make a difference in their communities.

Aaban and his siblings love reading books, so he requested a small grant to buy books about kindness and diversity, and also about cultural celebrations like Ramadan. His plan: to donate these books to his school library.

Kristen Caminiti, the founder of the organization, loved my son’s idea to spread kindness.

She encouraged us to apply for a Kid Kindness Grant. Soon, Aaban’s application was accepted and he was one of the recipients of the grant. He named his project Kindness+Diversity = LOVE

Aaban was so happy about gathering and giving these books to his school, and he began reading the books on Youtube videos as well.

My family had a great experience interacting with people from Kindness Grows Here. We stayed in touch with Kristen and her team, and later she reached out to me. Said she would love me to become involved as a volunteer regional representative in the organization, bringing my unique perspective, and helping spread the word about Kindness Grows Here.

I am a ‘people person,’ and I truly believe that kindness is something anyone can give — each of us can be a kindness spreader. Also, my faith encourages kindness and compassion towards everyone, no matter one’s religion, status or color, and that has inspired me. So I was more than happy to join their team.

I highly encourage the local Pittsburgh kids between the ages of 5-18 to apply for Kid Kindness Grants. The grant help kids who have great ideas to spread kindness in the community but need a little help to make it happen.

Individual kids may apply for up to $250. Small groups (2-4 children) may apply for up to $500. And large groups (5+ children) may apply for up to $800.

Applications are now open and will be accepted through Nov. 1. All the details (including rules and guidelines) can be found hereWinners will be announced in early December.

Kindness Grows Here began awarding “Kid Kindness Grants” in 2018 with a vision of empowering kids to carry out projects that would spread kindness in their schools, neighborhoods, and larger communities.

“We wanted to provide funds directly to children to empower them to make a difference in the world, one kind act at a time,” says Kristen.

The “Kid Kindness Grants” program has grown every year since it began. As of last year, grants had been given to children in 26 states and four countries. A result of these grants, an estimated 33,233 people have been directly touched by a child’s kind act.

It is so wonderful to see how kids come up with great ideas and carry out their projects to spread kindness in schools, neighborhoods and the larger community with funds provided by Kindness Grows Here. I look forward to seeing what good things grow in the Pittsburgh region as more families discover this grant program. 

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