Can your kids trick-or-treat safely during the pandemic?

Halloween is almost here, and it will look a little different in a pandemic.  The CDC recommends not trick-or-treating because there are risks for getting COVID, but there are still many kids who are planning to go door to door, and there are ways to make it safer.

In years past, little goblins, princesses and superheros would ring the doorbell for a treat, but this year, under their mask, they should probably wear another mask — a surgical or cloth mask.

Dr. Todd Wolynn, CEO of Kids Plus Pediatrics, says, “If they’re wearing a Spiderman thin mask, I think that’s an increased risk because it’s not a surgical mask or a cloth mask that’s meant to really reduce the amount of either inhaling droplets or discharging droplets.”

Dr. Wolynn says social distancing may be harder to do, but you should limit groups of trick-or-treaters to only your family or pod.

There’s also potential exposure at each house, so it will help if everyone can set up a table where kids can grab the candy without getting close to anyone else.

One thing Dr. Wolynn says not to worry about is contracting coronavirus by touching the candy wrappers, though you should carry hand sanitizer and use it along the way.

“I think the risk will be pretty low on touching surfaces, though good hand hygiene and washing makes a lot of sense.”

There are all kinds of events happening Halloween weekend and beyond to celebrate Halloween other than trick-or-treating.  There are pumpkin festivals, animal adventures and more, which you can find in many of our guides on