Why do tweens behave the way they do? Find answers in this KDKA video.

Tween behavior can be confusing, but biology has some explanations. Check out this Talk Pittsburgh conversation.

What stories would you like to see on Kidsburgh during 2024?

Tell us about the stories you want us to do for you at Kidsburgh this year.

Ask Dr. G: Talking to kids about current events

Pittsburgh Today Live’s Heather and Celina talk with parenting expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa about how to talk to kids about tough current events, news and politics.

Baden school buys 520 ukuleles for virtual and COVID-safe music classes

“It’s giving kids confidence and a way to get their frustrations out.”

Can your kids trick-or-treat safely during the pandemic?

You should limit groups of trick-or-treaters to only your family or pod.

Eye Strain

How to protect your kids’ eyes during remote learning

“When they stop doing close work, the eye can still be turned in and then they see double or seem a bit dazed.“

Getting Children Tested For Coronavirus Is Not That Easy Or That Simple

Getting kids tested for coronavirus is not that easy or that simple

Many people want to get their kids tested for coronavirus, whether it’s because they want to visit with grandparents, or they traveled out of state and the kids need negative […]

Moms find help for postpartum depression through NEST

“Early detection is often the key to success.”

Cam Howard meets Cam Heyward: Boy with rare disorder meets his fave Steeler

“I’m 13 now, and my body is like 70 years old.”

Kristine Sorensen wins Emmy Award for Kidsburgh stories

We’re happy to congratulate Kristine for winning her first Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award for her lineup of Kidsburgh stories.

Magee-Womens Hospital uses digital database for newborn footprints

With the digital footprint, parents can get creative and make gifts for family.

da vinci

Study the science of art and the art of science at new Da Vinci exhibit

“Even 500 years later, Da Vinci’s work is still being studied. He still plays a part in our daily lives. It’s interesting to see this all in one setting.”

Clean your closets and help others at the same time

Talented teen using musical theater to raise money for Make-A-Wish

A local teenager is about to reach her goal of raising $50,000 for Make-A-Wish, and she’s done it by writing and producing her own musicals at her high school.  Mikayla […]

Pittsburgh CLO Academy students take the stage in ‘A Musical Christmas Carol’

The cast and crew become a family with a Secret Santa gift exchange, a dressing room decorating contest and fun just joking around.

Girl Scouts aims to give young girls ‘safe, supportive space’

“The all-girl environment really gives them that safe, supportive space where they are free from the social pressures of a co-ed environment.”

‘Our kids. Our commitment.’ needs your signature to empower the future of Pittsburgh kids

“We all believe that by investing in our kids … we’re investing in the future of our region. We’re providing kids better opportunities. We’re providing a brighter future for the region.”

School for kids with high-functioning autism expands to new location

“Hope is what we cling to. Programs like this, schools like this, companies that hire people with autism… it gives you hope for the future.”

The family guide to Three Rivers Arts Festival – from infants to teens

This year’s 10-day festival gives kids lots of fun ways to be creative with hands-on activities, experience interactive performances and be blown away by wild visuals.

Teaching Kids About Money

Only 17 states require high school students to take a course in personal finance, and Pennsylvania is not one of them. That means it’s up to parents. Some local schools […]