5 ways parents of preschoolers can raise body-positive kids

How to help your kid be happy and secure in a media-heavy, appearance-obsessed culture. 

The definitive answers to screen-time questions for babies and toddlers

At this age, you want to make media a shared experience and an opportunity for learning.

New healthy media habits for little kids

Now that screen-time recommendations are more flexible, it’s time for new rules. 

Tweens, teens and phones: Check out Common Sense Media’s 2019 research

What are kids really doing online for so many hours a day?

5 steps to take before handing down your smartphone

Preparing a used device for its new young owner is a little tricky. This advice will help.

Where can kids find reliable sources for school reports?

The point of doing school reports is to learn how to find information, determine their significance and credibility, and summarize the information accurately.

Common Sense Media explains: What are deepfakes?

Deepfakes are being used as entertainment, as satire, or as political and propaganda weapons. 

Warning: It’s ridiculously easy for kids to cheat using these apps and sites

It’s important for parents to be aware of these tools so you can help kids to learn how to use them without sacrificing learning.

How to talk about sexting with your kids

At least one in four teens receive sexually explicit texts and emails, and at least one in seven teens send sexts.

How to use TV and movies to teach your kids media literacy

When kids relate to the content in movies and TV shows, they’re more engaged and can learn critical-thinking skills by discussing them.

Real-world reasons parents should care about kids and online privacy

The internet is so woven into our lives, we need to be aware of the worst-case scenarios that can strike when we’re unprepared.

13 viral YouTube challenges your kids know about – and what you can do

Kids are watching challenges on YouTube for entertainment, but some inspire kids to try them out themselves. Here’s what parents can do.

How to set parental controls on Netflix

Parental controls are just one way to help your kid learn to make appropriate choices. They work best with a conversation about why you’re restricting access.


Questions about Fortnite? Kidcast shares Common Sense Media’s insider advice

Learn the positive and negative aspects of Fortnite.


Is it OK for my kid to start her own YouTube channel?

For kids, video is a fun way to communicate, but you may have concerns about the risks of broadcasting on the Web.

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What should I do when people post photos of my kid online without asking me first?

We can’t always control what is posted, but we can start the conversation with others. 


6 things to know about the Safe2Say Something violence-prevention program

A new violence-prevention program rolling out across Pennsylvania teaches kids and adults how to recognize warning signs.

A parent’s ultimate guide to Discord, the hot new social app

Check out the Common Sense Media review of Discord and tips on this latest trend.

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Is It OK for my kid to start her own YouTube channel? Check out these safety measures.

YouTube is a huge sensation with kids. It’s important to balance your concerns with the benefits they can reap.

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