How to set parental controls on Netflix

Photo by on Unsplash

 My kids love watching Netflix. Some of their favorites are Super Monsters, Storybots Super Songs, and Charlie’s Colorforms City. I followed these easy steps to make sure they only have access to age-appropriate content.  – Jennifer Ehehalt, Common Sense Media

By Caroline Knorr

From reboots to modern classics to originalsNetflix is full of entertainment for kids. Of course, it also has tons of age-inappropriate shows that kids could easily stumble across if you don’t set up restrictions. Netflix offers a few methods for parents to restrict kids’ viewing of mature content (both in the app and on the browser), but you get more options by going through your account on a web browser.

Parental controls are just one way to help your kid learn to make appropriate choices and manage screen time independently. They work best with a conversation about why you’re restricting access.

Here’s how to set parental controls on Netflix:

  • Log in, click on your profile icon, then click Account.
  • Scroll down to Settings.
  • Click on Parental Controls.
  • Enter your Netflix password.
  • Create a PIN.
  • Scroll to Restrict by Maturity Level and click on the bubble above your kid’s age group: Little Kids (6 and Under), Older Kids (12 and Under), Teens (14 and Under), or Adults (15+). These restrictions are set according to the MPAA and TV rating systems (i.e., PG-13 and TV-MA).
  • You can also restrict all content so nothing will play without you entering a PIN. To do this, click the bubble above Little Kids.
  • If you want to restrict specific titles, regardless of their maturity rating, type them into the box under Restrict Specific Titles.

Note: Do not share your Netflix password with your kids! If you do, and they’re very determined to watch a show, they can get into the Parental Controls settings by using the Netflix password.