Want to connect with your kids? Make the most of family dinners.

Family dinners can give kids a safe place to share their feelings. Local experts give us advice on making the most of this opportunity.

New Brookings research explores the realities — and encouraging possibilities — of family-school engagement 

“It’s a real moment to transform how we do family/school engagement,” says CUE’s director. Parents “are really expecting to be more deeply engaged in their kids’ education.”

2 quick and easy weeknight recipes from Pittsburgh chefs

Two talented Pittsburgh chefs (who are also parents!) offer fast, easy weeknight meals that take the stress out of family dinnertime.

The Parental Engagement Spotlight Report brings inspiring news of the growing bond between schools and families worldwide 

HundrED offers 12 great ideas from around the world to help schools and parents communicate and collaborate.

4 simple ways to help kids (and parents) get more organized this year

UPMC’s Amanda Ozanich shares practical strategies for getting organized and making bedtime routines and school mornings smoother for the whole family.

Kidsburgh Learning Guide: Helping young people use their voices

Is your child is passionate about social issues or looking to have a voice in their community? There are many ways to support that goal right here in Pittsburgh. 

Expert advice on helping kids get creative with arts projects

How can parents help support their kids’ creativity around things related to the arts? 

Ideas from local experts on talking with kids about 9/11

Good advice from local experts and from our national partner Common Sense Media.

Two months, 200 new ideas and a chance to revolutionize parent engagement in education 

Here’s how the global Family Engagement Design Sprint is building on pandemic-fueled progress.

Introducing new parenting initiatives and resources from Kidsburgh

Kidsburgh joins Pittsburgh Today Live and looks ahead to new initiatives to help support parents.

3 small steps that can fill this school year with moments of joyful learning

All of us can help put joy at the center of learning for our kids. Here’s how.

You’re invited: Join us for the Great Learning Conversations!

We want to hear from parents and caregivers on what they feel is the purpose of a child’s K-12 journey. How can schools partner with families to make it the best it can be?

15 ways to donate (or receive) essential back-to-school supplies in Pittsburgh

When kids are equipped with the learning tools they need, they participate more in class and have more academic success.

Parents as Allies project working to build connections between schools and families

A new global collaboration will find and share strategies for solid parent-school engagement.

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