How to develop a family movie night and introduce your kids to classic films

We have five tips to get you started.

Some Pittsburgh summer camps are going virtual during coronavirus pandemic

“We are all trying to stay flexible. We’re keeping our eyes open. We have B plans and C plans.”

10 things to do with kids (at home) this week in Pittsburgh, from exploring bugs to the re-imagined Children’s Festival

Kids can get physical, exercise their intellect, or be downright silly this week.

9 things to do with kids (at home) this week in Pittsburgh, from a dance party to a magic show

Groove to the music, get your baseball fix and enjoy the best rainy day ever.

7 things to do with kids (at home) this week in Pittsburgh, from meeting Dumbledore to junk mail inspiration

You’ll have as much fun as your kids dipping into these projects.

8 things to do this week with kids (at home) in Pittsburgh, from spin art to hockey drills

Discover your inner rebel, jump into STEM or make time for music.

6 cool things to do (at home) with kids in Pittsburgh this week

How about a dinosaur dinner party, a barnyard ballet and a leopard cub cuteness cure?

5 things to do (at home) with kids this week in Pittsburgh

Just because we’re under a stay-at-home order doesn’t mean kids can’t explore exciting new activities.

7 things to do with kids in Pittsburgh this week (when everything is canceled)

We found some local hands-on activities and online events to keep your kids’ minds occupied, so you don’t lose yours.

Yoga, babies and art? Kidcast checks out this cool class at Carnegie Museum

Engaging in the arts can lead to increased self-esteem, a decrease in stress and depression levels, and it improves your overall sense of well-being.

The best 2020 kids summer camps in Pittsburgh

With the hundreds of summer camps available in Pittsburgh, the possibilities are endless. We rounded up some of the best.

Children’s Hospital delivers a cure for boredom with new Dream Big Studio

Kids can feel isolated and lonely while hospitalized. Making art or music can give them a creative outlet.

A Kidsburgh exclusive: First chance at EQT Children’s Theater Festival tickets

Use our secret code to get early access to the EQT Children’s Theater Festival featured shows.

All the winter events you need to keep Pittsburgh kids busy throughout the season

Some think of winter as a time to hibernate under a fuzzy comforter. We offer a big, wonderful list of things to do with kids this winter!

Kidsburgh Hero: Pittsburgh Symphony musician Penny Anderson Brill

“What makes her so effective with kids is that she gets right down on the child’s level.”

My Favorite Pittsburgh Thing To Do With Kids: Former Steeler Arthur Moats

“It’s important that we put an emphasis on family time so that we can all stay connected and maximize the time we have together.“

Pittsburgh kids take the stage with Disney Musicals in Schools

“If you want to get me to school every day, give me something I really enjoy doing.”

Kids express themselves through free ProjectArt classes around Pittsburgh

“This program really reinforces the library as a vibrant and modern community center.”

‘Girl Talk’ records Hill District history from the Black woman’s perspective

“We want our girls to develop personal confidence required to explore post-secondary and career options.”

My Favorite Pittsburgh Thing To Do With Kids: Patrick Jordan of barebones

“All that’s good in my life starts with family, born and chosen.”

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