Sponsored Content Passion Projects ignite kids’ curiosity at Shady Side Academy

Students are learning and inspired through Passion Projects.

Check out the Emmy Award-winning videos from Pittsburgh students and other local talent

These kids impress us with their talent, production values and range of subject matter.

What should the future of learning look like? Ask the students.

Before young people can build a better world, we need to fix the way that we’re teaching them.

Sponsored Content Reimagining school: Shady Side Academy reopens with in-person learning, plus remote option

With 189 acres across four campuses, Shady Side has an advantage many other schools do not – sheer space.

Sponsored Content Summer camps for every kind of kid at Shady Side Academy!

A good summer camp or class can give kids the opportunity to discover new passions, develop existing talents and forge new friendships.

The best 2020 kids summer camps in Pittsburgh

With the hundreds of summer camps available in Pittsburgh, the possibilities are endless. We rounded up some of the best.

Sponsored Content From our sponsor: Fields of learning: The Shady Side Academy Farm

“Through gardening, students learn how to be responsible caretakers for their environments.”

New Glimcher Tech & Design Hub combines the latest and greatest in STEM education

“You see levels of engagement from students go up as they start tinkering and making things.”

Sponsored Content From our sponsor: Witness the impossible with mentalist Wayne Hoffman!

“Mind Candy” is a crazy melting pot of serious mind-reading, hilarious laugh-out-loud comedy and unbelievable mysteries

Sponsored Content Shady Side Academy’s McIlroy Center for Science and Innovation: Taking science education to a new level

“The building was constructed with our style of pedagogy in mind, which simply put, is experiential learning: experiment, analysis and reflection.”

Treehouse classroom helps students find inspiration outside

The treehouse is “a magical, different world up in the trees. You can see the canopy and get … fresh eyes on nature.”

Cyberbullying: National expert offers free session for Pittsburgh parents

“It isn’t the device that is the problem. It’s how can we raise decent human beings who are marked by self-control and resilience.”