Check out the Emmy Award-winning videos from Pittsburgh students and other local talent

The recent 2020 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards gave honors to Pittsburgh high schools, as well as family-focused programming from established production companies.

Franklin Regional High School students won for their piece on the school’s spring production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.” Hempfield High School won for its “Hempfield Happenings” magazine program. The team at Shady Side Academy picked up an Emmy for a heartfelt tribute to teachers. And Penn-Trafford High School wowed the judges with six wins in all.

On the professional side, Ya Momz House, Inc., produced a winning TV commercial for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Western PA. And four of WQED’s 14 Emmy Awards were given to programs related to kids and their families.

Enjoy the highlights we compiled of these Emmy-winning shorts, features and news stories. These kids impress us with their talent, production values and range of subject matter. We hope you agree.

‘Lilli’s Drive’

This news package looks at a kindergarten student and her cancer treatment for optic glioma. The piece captures the bright personality of a little girl who wears a princess dress to her treatment.

‘Mirror Image’

This entry from Penn-Trafford High School, “Mirror Image,” takes a look at the mental health issues surrounding bullies and abuse. The film offers a surprise twist at the end when the voiceover narrator is revealed.

‘Thank You, Teachers’

Seniors at Shadyside Academy were asked to thank the teachers who inspired them. Kids in the WSSA-TV Film Club produced the video.

‘Forging A Legacy’

This sports feature highlights the standout performance of Penn-Trafford’s Warriors women’s softball team drives in its first state title appearance, which led them to win the 2019 PIAA crown.

And from the pros:


This commercial spot created by Ya Momz House, Inc., and directed by Emmai Alaquiva, is billed as a “3Rs Poetry Slam for Boys and Girls Club WPA.” The entertaining video speaks to empowerment and hope for kids.

‘The Hunger Lesson’

In this WQED Multimedia piece, Pittsburgh middle schoolers are reading “The Diary of Anonymous Girl,” about a family’s devastating hunger in Poland’s Lodz Ghetto in 1942. With input from Classrooms Without Borders, kids learn firsthand what “I’m starving” really means. Produced by Beth Dolinar. Watch it here.

‘All the Marbles’

We know Pittsburgh rules when it comes to national marbles championships. This WQED special, produced by Beth Dolinar, looks at the motivated kids and their coaches who keep the tradition alive. Watch it here.

‘The Long Shadow of Childhood Trauma’

New studies suggest that childhood trauma affects physical health throughout a lifetime. A study called ACEs—the Adverse Childhood Experience Scale lists 10 stressful and traumatic effects on children. Pediatricians are being asked by the study to consider those events as they diagnose and treat their young patients. The goal is to help kids recover and improve their eventual adult life. Produced by Beth Dolinar at WQED Multimedia. Watch it here.

‘Serving Time, Too’

The numbers are startling: 2 million kids in the US have at least one parent in jail or prison. This WQED documentary, produced by Beth Dolinar, looks at the subject that impacts thousands of children. Watch it here.