forge futures

How will your kids learn tomorrow? Forge Futures gathered a braintrust of thinkers to take bold steps

The Forge Futures summit brought global thinkers to Pittsburgh for three powerful days of imagining and planning.

Life-wide learning, flourishing in Pittsburgh and emerging around the world

Sharing Pittsburgh’s wisdom with the world, Remake Learning hosted this panel at SXSW EDU.

Living up to their name: STEAM Learning at Woodland Hills brings computer knowledge to all

“Computer science has to be done across the board,” says Woodland Hills’ Tina Dietrich. “It has to be important.”

moonshot grants

10 new Moonshot Grants will help local educators launch wildly ambitious projects

10 more Moonshot Grants have been announced. See who’s getting this catalytic funding.

entrepreneurship education

Microsocieties and much more: Entrepreneurship education is inspiring kids throughout SWPA

Entrepreneurship education is growing in the Pittsburgh area. What might it do for your child?

aasa learning 2025

Reaching for the sky: These Pittsburgh teen drone pilots are gaining skills and friendships

Check out this Q&A teen drone pilots from around Pittsburgh.

Learning 2025: This local alliance brings families, community orgs and innovative school districts together

These Learning 2025 Alliance members are “working to explore new, life-changing learning experiences for children.”

playful learning pittsburgh

Play takes center stage in Pittsburgh through workshops, grant funding and community-wide playful learning

Pittsburgh is getting serious about playful learning. Here’s how.

Parents as Allies

You can help bring Pittsburgh innovation to the world at the next SXSW EDU: Here’s how.

You can send Parents as Allies to next spring’s biggest education conference. Here’s how.

Maker Monday

Maker Monday: Kids will love making (and playing with) Ping-Pong Ball Poppers

This Maker Monday project is quick and easy, and gives kids a new toy to play with.

transforming education

UN’s Transforming Education Summit explored global need for the learning innovation we see in Pittsburgh

At the U.N., a plea as at home in western Pennsylvania as it is in the most distant of nations: “Let me learn.”

Remake Learning

Pittsburgh’s Remake Learning wins global WISE Award for advancing education worldwide

Remake Learning has been recognized as a WISE Award winner for advancing education worldwide.

The 5 C’s of Remake Learning: How a few key strategies have changed students’ lives in the Pittsburgh region

These guiding principles have helped Remake Learning elevate learning throughout the Pittsburgh region.

after school programs in Pittsburgh

Classroom teachers and afterschool educators are collaborating in new ways in Pittsburgh

“Being outside of the school district, you almost forget what it’s like to run an eight-hour day in a school building.”

CS for PGH

As school ends, Pittsburgh is celebrating national and global education awards

Educators and schools in our region have been receiving national and international recognition for their hard work and innovation.

Remake Learning Days runs through May 23 with more than 175 hands-on learning events

The Remake Learning Days festival begins in Southwestern PA on May 12. Get all the details here.

remake learning days

Remake Learning Days invites Youth Ambassadors to tell the story of the festival

16 local high schoolers will chronicle the Remake Learning Days festival in the Pittsburgh region this year.


Assemble’s Afro-futurism curriculum is looking to a remarkable past to chart a better, more equitable future

Assemble’s Afro-futurism curriculum is enlightening a growing community of students at K-12 schools and out-of-school-time programs around the Pittsburgh region


A mentoring program designed to uplift HBCUs flourishes in Pittsburgh

HBCUs are a great option for many students. This program helps them discover this historic resource.

Consortium for Public Education

This HBCU alumna is paying it forward as a mentor through the Consortium for Public Education

“My passion for the work just really increased,” she said. “It was an experience that changed my entire life trajectory.”