Mentoring Partnership creates ‘encouragement cards’ for kids with Fred Rogers Productions’ famous characters

Kids have it tough these days. Growing up, you probably didn’t have to live through the fear and uncertainty of a worldwide pandemic, with all the haphazard adjustments – masks, virtual school, isolation from friends and classmates – that have defined the past two years.encouragement cards

To help encourage kids and assure them that they are still loved and have bright futures ahead, the Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern PA and their friends at Fred Rogers Productions have created a special series of cards that you can send to the kids in your life. 

These colorful cards, which you can print out and send by ground mail or download and send digitally, can remind the kids in your life that you’re thinking about them and rooting for them.

They feature characters that kids will recognize from several popular TV shows, including Daniel Tiger, Donkey Hodie and Peg and Cat.

“The idea for these encouragement cards came about as a result of the pandemic,” says Kristan Allan of the Mentoring Partnership. 

“With nearly every aspect of life moving to a virtual format, we were looking to provide caring adults everywhere — parents, caregivers, teachers, coaches, etc. — with a fun and easy way to send a smile and note of encouragement to the young people in their lives.”

The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern PA is a nonprofit dedicated to fostering mentorship as a way to empower kids to succeed in life.

encouragement cards
Alma’s Way encouragement card

You can download your free encouragement cards here. There are three sets, which includes cards in both English and Spanish.

Even “digital native” kids of today love to get mail!