Maker Monday: Super Spinner

This cool Maker Monday Super Spinner is fun to make and to play with. The supplies can be readily found in most households for an inexpensive activity that still packs a wow factor. It’s interesting to see how different designs and colors look once the disc begins spinning.


Corrugated cardboard




Glue stick


Sharp pencil or skewer

Use a small bowl or pot lid that’s about 4-5 inches in diameter to trace 1 circle on the cardboard and 2 circles on the paper. Design and color the paper circles with markers. Go with stripes, triangles, rainbows or polka dots, using whatever colors strike your fancy!

Cut out the paper circles and the cardboard circle.

Spread the glue stick glue on one side of the cardboard disc. Press on one of your circle paper designs. Flip over and glue your second paper design onto that side.

Cut a piece of string about 28 inches long. Using a sharp pencil or skewer, poke 2 holes near the center of the circle. Thread each end of the string into the two holes. Pull through and tie together to make a loop.

Pull the loop with one end in each hand, arranging the disc in the center. Swing the disc with both hands so the string winds around and around. Once the string is wound tight, keep a firm grip on the ends of the string and pull straight out. The disc spins like crazy before slowing and spinning again in the other direction.

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