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Maker Monday: Straw Painting

This week’s Maker Monday activity looks at a new outlet for artistic imagination in straw painting.

It’s a lot of fun to “chase” paint across a page with a straw. It’s no more difficult than blowing out a birthday cake. Smaller makers can create colorful abstract paintings, while older kids can use the process as the basis for more creative illustrations.

maker monday


Paint tray or cookie sheet

Watercolor paint





maker monday

Add a fair amount of water to each paint block and allow to soak in a few minutes before beginning. You want the paint to be colorful and very wet. Daub a brush full of paint onto the page. Immediately, blow the paint in the direction you want it to move, keeping the straw slightly above the paint and “chasing” it across the paper. Here, we had an underwater seascape in mind.

maker monday

Once the paint dries, use the markers to add more details, if you wish. We went with fish for an under-the-sea illustration.

maker monday

Imagine other ways to be creative with straw painting, like blowing out a tree and adding leaves with markers for an autumnal look.

maker monday

Or use the effect of straw painting to make crazy, wild hair on a portrait. You are only limited by your imagination.

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