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Maker Monday: Spinning Tops

Maker Monday top
January30/ 2017

This activity is a great way to introduce your child to woodworking and to spend some time together! It’s intended to be done with the help of an adult. You will need a workbench with a vise and a small saw to get started on this Maker Monday project.

Thanks to Alison Francis and the Creativity and Literacy Program at the Fox Chapel Area School District for this one! Maker Monday top

Supplies needed:

Small saw

Wooden wheel with ¼ inch hole

¼-inch diameter wood dowel


Low-temp hot glue gun


Acrylic paint


Pencil Sharpener

RulerMaker Monday top

Always wear safety goggles when working with wood.Maker Monday top

Using tweezers, pick up a wooden wheel and put into a container that has watered down acrylic paint. Cover the entire wheel with paint and then put on the table to dry while you are completing the rest of the project. Alternately, you can use permanent markers to decorate the wheel.Maker Monday top

Measure 4 inches on the wood dowel and mark with a marker. This will indicate where you are going to make the cut.Maker Monday top

Secure the wood dowel into the vise. The cutting mark should be as close to the vise as possible to make cutting easier. Never try to hold a piece of wood in your hands when you are cutting. Make certain the vise is tight so that the dowel doesn’t jump around.Maker Monday top

With both hands on the saw handle, make small back and forth movements with the saw blade on the dowel. Apply a small amount of downward pressure. Once cut, sand down rough edge of the wood dowel using the sandpaper.Maker Monday top

Insert one end of the wood dowel into a pencil sharpener to create a dull point on the end. If the point is too sharp, the top will not have enough surface to spin on. If you do make the point too sharp, use the sandpaper to dull it down.Maker Monday top

Put wheel onto the wood dowel about 1 inch up from the point and use hot glue to secure it to the wood dowel.Maker Monday top

Your top is complete. Spin away!

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