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Maker Monday: Scratch ‘n Sniff Paint

maker monday
Sally Quinn
September04/ 2017

Art work takes on a sensory aspect with Scratch ‘n Sniff Paint, this week’s Maker Monday activity.

The paint is scented and colored with Jell-O and thickened with glue to give a scratchable texture once the paint dries.

You can add food coloring to enhance the colors or to fool others with a scent they might not be expecting. Add a bit of yellow to blueberry, for example, and the green paint might look like lime, but still smells like blueberries.

You will want to use stiff paper — index cards or card stock — to hold the paint and prevent it from soaking through.

maker monday


Various flavors of Jell-O powder mix

Index cards or cardstock

School glue


Food coloring (optional)


maker monday

Draw your pictures on the index cards.

maker monday

Mix 1 tablespoon glue with 1 teaspoon Jell-O powder and 1 teaspoon water.

maker monday

Paint your drawing, daubing the paint thickly rather than using usual brushstrokes. Stir the paint with your brush as you go, keeping it well-mixed. Have a paper towel handy for any drips.

maker monday

Once your painting is finished, allow time for it to dry completely. Then, give it a scratch to enjoy the fruity scents.

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Sally Quinn

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