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Maker Monday: Olympic Action Skater

maker monday
Sally Quinn
January22/ 2018

Excitement is building for the 2018 Winter Olympics. This week’s Maker Monday activity gives kids the chance to create an Olympic ice arena, complete with Team USA hockey players and figure skaters. The best part of the fun is using a magnet underneath to send skaters across the ice, spinning and twirling.

This project uses supplies found in most homes. At last, a use for cookie tins between holidays! The magnet doesn’t need to be anything special. We found even souvenir refrigerator magnets work.

maker monday


Cookie tin lid

8-1/2-inch-by-10-inch paper

Index card or card stock



Jumbo size paperclips

Markers or crayons


maker monday

Begin with your crowd of spectators. Cut the top half of the paper into a curve to create the illusion of an arena. Draw the dasher boards and include the Olympic rings to set the scene. Include lots of people. You can be as detailed as you like with faces, hats, and hair — or keep it basic. Add flags from a variety of competing countries.

maker monday

Fit the crowd scene inside the cookie tin lid. Tape into place on the back.

maker monday

Bend the smaller, inside part of a paperclip straight up, allowing the paperclip to stand up on its own.

maker monday

Cut the card stock or index card into a rectangle of about 2 1/2 inches by 4 inches. Draw a hockey player or figure skater, color and cut out. Tape against the upright part of the paperclip. Stand your figure on the ice and use the magnet below to move the skaters like true Olympic stars.

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Sally Quinn

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