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Maker Monday: Nature Treasure Bag

maker monday
Sally Quinn
July09/ 2018

Whether your outdoor adventures take place in neighborhood woods or on sandy beaches, it’s always helpful to have a Nature Treasure Bag on hand. This week’s Maker Monday projects is a mesh bag that can be collapsed into a pocket and pulled out when you find special rocks, shells and curious-looking sticks.

The best part is the airy quality of the bag, which allows damp items to dry and prevents those moldy surprises that sometimes develop when treasure troves are forgotten in the backyard.

And it’s a fine example of creative reuse and recycling.

maker monday


Mesh bag from packaged onions, oranges or lemons


maker monday

At the open end of a mesh bag, weave the shoestring in and out of the mesh a little below the opening, going all the way around.

maker monday

Pull the shoestring through so you have an even length at both ends, forming the drawstring. Tie into a bow.

maker monday

You’re ready to explore the great outdoors and fill your Nature Treasure Bag with paintable rocks, pine cones and all sort of other finds.

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Sally Quinn

Sally Quinn is an award-winning writer and editor who has been covering her favorite city for more than 20 years. She welcomes comments and story ideas for Kidsburgh.

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