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Maker Monday: Marshmallow Pops

Kids can make a special dessert with this Marshmallow Pops Maker Monday activity. The sweet treat at the end tastes all the better when those little hands helped in the creation.

The supplies can be found at most craft stores.maker monday


White chocolate wafers

Food coloring


Lollipop sticks

Sprinklesmaker monday

Insert a lollipop stick into each marshmallow. maker monday

Place a handful of chocolate wafers into small microwave-safe bowls. Melt a handful of chocolate wafers in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Stir, then add another 30 seconds as needed, repeating until the chocolate is smooth.maker monday

Add a drop or two of food coloring and stir until well-mixed.

maker monday

Dip the marshmallow into the melted chocolate.

maker monday

Immediately dip and roll the marshmallow in the sprinkles.

maker monday

Set on waxed paper and allow the chocolate to dry. Voila! — another culinary star is born!

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