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Maker Monday: Ice Boat Racers

This outdoor Maker Monday activity — Ice Boat Racers — helps cool off energetic kids with an icy splash.

The bits and pieces for this fun activity can be found at the Dollar Store and your recycle bin.

We learned the hard way that using washable markers left our sails dripping with blended colors once they splashed down into the water.maker monday


Pool noodle, cut in half lengthwise

Small plastic cup, bowl or empty margarine or yogurt container


Crayons or markers


Cake pop sticks or Popsicle sticks

Plastic bin or wading pool

Glue or tape

Aluminum foil

maker monday

Pour a few inches of water into the cups. Cover the top with aluminum foil to hold the stick upright. Make a tiny slit in each foil top and slide in a stick. Keeping the sticks upright, place the cups in the freezer for a few hours or overnight to completely freeze.

maker monday

Cut out sails from the paper and personalize them with colorful designs or playful illustrations.

maker monday

Pop the Ice Boats from the molds and attach the sails with glue or tape.

maker monday

Set up the noodle tracks with one end leading into the wading pool and the other end propped up. One, two, three and gravity rules as the slippery Ice Boats Racers glide to the finish to plop into the pool of water.

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