Maker Monday: Forky Knifey Family


That single line says so much.

Like many fans who saw “Toy Story 4,” we rushed home and tore through our maker bins to find the supplies we needed to recreate Forky and Knifey. Between our craft supplies and the kitchen junk drawer, we built Forky (why isn’t he called Sporky?) and his new friend Knifey. We had so much fun laughing while putting them together, it seemed a great idea to share with Maker Monday.

How hard can it be to recreate these unforgettable characters? In the movie, a 3-year-old can do it! Take it a step beyond exact replicas with more expressions, various colors and kooky characters for a whole family of these fork and spoon creatures. Here’s how to get started:


Plastic sporks, forks, spoons or knives


Craft sticks

Google eyes


Markers (pink and black)

Pipe cleaners

Yarn scraps


Start by gluing the google eyes to the spork. Using a tiny bit of red Play-Doh, rolling into a thin line for the eyebrows and press on above the eyes. Repeat with blue Play-Doh for the mouth. Forky can smile, look surprised, confused (Trash?”) or mad. Use the marker to add a bit of blush to his cheeks. We stuck little dots of Play-doh on his middle for buttons.

Break the craft sticks into the right size for the feet, about 3 inches. Attach the spork (spoon, fork or knife) to the sticks with a glob of Play-Doh. Twist on a pipe cleaner and form hands.

For Knifey, we added a dress cut from a piece of paper, a short length of pipe cleaner for a necklace. It would be fun to give her a dress a bit of sparkle and glam with beads and stickers. We used scraps of yarn for her hair and cut out a small bow that we colored and taped to her head. We added flirty eyelashes with a black marker. Isn’t she lovely?

Keep the fun going with more creatures and accessories. We gave Knifey a cyclops brother with a crazy head of blue hair. And we had fun playing with goofy scenarios, too.

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