Kidsburgh Podcast ep. 4 is here: Cam Heyward, a Botanic Garden visit and more

Welcome to another episode of the Kidsburgh Podcast, where we interview the people and explore the destinations that make Pittsburgh a great place for families.

This episode has something for the whole family, including details on the gorgeous Pittsburgh Botanic Garden (worth a visit, if you haven’t been there before) and an interview with Steeler star Cam Heyward, who gives back to our community in so many ways.

Along with insights and advice to help parents and caregivers raise the kids they love, we’ve also got an insider perspective from kids and teens themselves. This week, it’s honest talk about video platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Why do kids love them and what should parents know?

You can find this episode and the three previous episodes on Apple Podcasts, Pandora and Spotify, at the SLB website, or listen right here:

S1 Ep4: Pittsburgh Botanic Garden, Steeler star Cam Heyward on contributing to your community, and real talk from teens about video sharing platforms

Join hosts Yu-Ling Cheng, Melissa Rayworth, and Kristine Sorensen as they discover the magic of the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden, and then talk with beloved Steeler Cam Heyward about ways kids can get inspired to give back to their community. Wrapping up the episode, local teens give us their opinions about video sharing platforms like Youtube and TikTok.

Links: Pittsburgh Botanic Garden and the Cameron Heyward Foundation

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Join hosts Yu-Ling Cheng, Melissa Rayworth, and Kristine Sorensen for an exploration of Pittsburgh Botanic Garden, and a conversation with Pittsburgh Steeler Cam Heyward about his work giving back to Pittsburgh. Also, teens from around the city offer thoughts on video sharing platforms like Youtube and TikTok.