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Recylced Flower

Maker Monday: Recycled Magazine Flowers

Get creative with all of those magazines and catalogs stacking up on the coffee table.

Kids will have fun making pretty paper posies and you can then arrange them in a vase for a lovely and fun centerpiece.Recycled Paper FlowerSupplies needed:

Magazine or catalog

Pipe cleaners

3-hole puncher

Scissors or paper cutter

Directions:Recycled Paper FlowerTear a few pieces of paper out of a recycled magazine.  Then, 3-hole punch along both of the vertical sides of the paper.Recycled Paper FlowerUsing scissors — or a paper cutter — cut along the vertical side so that you create strips of magazine paper with holes.  Repeat until you have enough strips.  We recommend at least 3-4 strips per pipe cleaner for a flower.Recycled Paper FlowerAbout 1 inch from the end of one pipe cleaner, make a kink. Then, bring the two corners together to create a “stop” in your pipe cleaner.Recycled Paper Flower

Take a magazine strip and put the pipe cleaner through the middle hole.Recycled Paper Flower

Then, take each end of the magazine strip and fold it over so that the holes at the end are through the top of the pipe cleaner.Recycled Paper Flower

 Repeat until your flower is full as you wish with your desired number of magazine strips.Recycled Paper Flower

 Coil the top of your pipe cleaner to keep your “petals” in place! You now have a Recycled Magazine Flower!Recycled Paper Flower

You can do variations to the flower by adding many magazine strips or creating a bouquet and putting multiple flowers in a vase — or recycled plastic container. 

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