parents as allies

Join Parents as Allies for a free workshop that can help families and schools build true engagement

Photo above by Ben Filio.

Kidsburgh invites you to spend Monday, Dec. 12 with us as we take a deep dive into powerful research on family-school engagement by The Brookings Institution’s Center for Universal Education. You can RSVP and get more information right here.

Solid connections and real communication between families and schools benefit kids in so many ways. True engagement also helps parents and teachers. And this is a topic we’re beginning to understand in new ways.

Learn about the research behind their report “Collaborating to Transform and Improve Education Systems: A playbook for family-school engagement” which includes more than 25,000 responses from parents and teachers worldwide, including 1600 responses from southwestern PA. This session includes topics like:

  • the barriers to family-school-community engagement
  • what parents, educators and students feel is the purpose of education, and how their beliefs differ from one another
  • an exploration of different tools we can use to deepen family-school engagement

Also, in partnership with Remake Learning, we’ll start the day with a Big Education Conversation on the purpose of education.

parents as allies
The Parents as Allies initiative works with districts throughout our region to build deeper connections between families and schools. Photo by Ben Filio.

This workshop, part of the Parents as Allies project generously supported by The Grable Foundation, is free. It’s intended for parents, teachers and school staff who are interested in learning more about this research. Lunch will be provided.

We hope you’ll join us for this deep dive into Brookings’ family-school engagement research and a Big Education Conversation on the purpose of education.