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Enjoy time with your family — and foster a love of the arts!

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September24/ 2018

The weather is changing, and it seems like school and activities have your family scheduled every minute of the day.  With work, school, practice and more, on some days there is barely enough time to share a meal together. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy time together with the help of the Citizens Bank Children’s Theater Series and EQT Bridge Theater Series! Spend time together laughing, traveling to distant worlds, going in adventures, revisiting favorite storybook characters, and seeing the world from new perspectives. 

Whether you are just introducing your children to theater or are ready to explore something a bit more adventurous with bigger kids, you can easily fit an entire season of professional, international theater into your family’s schedule for as little as $10 a ticket! 

The Citizens Bank Children’s Theater Series presents award-winning, professional theater for young audiences ages 3 and up. With silly jokes, favorite story book characters, jaw-dropping acrobatics, whimsical creatures, and catchy songs, kids and grown-ups alike will enjoy this series full of fun for the entire family! Easily fit these performances into your schedule with performances at the Byham Theater and around the region in a suburban venue near you! 

Learn more and get your season tickets at TrustArts.org/Kids.

Performances on the EQT Bridge Theater Series are created specifically for pre-teens (ages 7+) and teens ready to experience seriously adventurous theater. These shows will amaze, excite, and leave you wondering. Get ready for theater that moves, shakes, and shatters expectations! Shows take place in Downtown Pittsburgh’s Cultural District in the Byham Theater, Trust Arts Education Center. 

Learn more and get your season tickets at TrustArts.org/Bridge.

Think that both series might be a good fit for your family? Experience inspiriting theater all season long and have the flexibility to pick based on your family’s needs with Flex Tickets. Explore familiar shows on the Citizens Bank Children’s Theater Series and try something new and adventurous for bigger kids with the EQT Bridge Theater Series, all in on package!

Spend quality time with your family and experience the best of theater for young audiences with convenient, affordable options perfect for your family’s needs. See you at the theater soon! 

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