State of Black Motherhood

Brown Mamas founder Muffy Mendoza launches the State of Black Motherhood Talks

Photo above by Bogomil Mihaylov via Unsplash.

We’re excited to see that Brown Mamas founder and CEO Muffy Mendoza has launched a new series: the State of Black Motherhood conversations.

Live each Monday on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, Mendoza will share insights about what she’s learned “as a mompreneur, homeschooler, wife of nearly 15 years and person who is day-by-day learning her value,” and she’ll be connecting with women throughout Pittsburgh and beyond.

“The New Year can bring in a lot of stress and anxiety for women entrepreneurs and leaders. Through my State of Black Motherhood series, I’m hoping to inspire women to really put their wellness, self-care, families, and the things they love at the forefront of this new journey,” Mendoza tells Kidsburgh. “If we want to shift the paradigm for what our culture expects from leaders, we must be authentic in sharing our unbalanced journeys thus far. I hope to share my challenges and help emerging and new female leaders chart a new, balanced course forward.”

Stop in for live State of Black Motherhood sessions each Monday in January at noon, or check back to watch the video. (Video of today’s kickoff session is right here.)

Here are all the details: