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STREAM conference introduces classroom technologies to local educators, reports Trib

Jennifer Reeher
March23/ 2015

As reported by TribLIVE last week, over 100 teachers and administrators from 15 Alle Kiske Valley school districts attended the ABC CREATE STREAM conference at Penn State New Kensington on March 9. The event was a meeting-of-the-minds designed to promote the educational use of STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering, art and math)-based technologies across academic curricula from grade school to high school.

Conference attendees got hands-on experience with a variety of multidisciplinary technologies including CMU CREATE Lab’s Arts & Bots program which allows students to combine crafts materials and robotic components to build and animate their own custom robots. The Arts & Bots program is just one example of the growing trend of regional universities partnering with local schools districts to bring cutting-edge technologies into their classrooms.

This conference is part of a three-year effort funded by The Grable Foundation “to integrate more technology into classes in order to help better prepare students for future careers,” reports Trib Live. But the goals of ABC CREATE STREAM extend beyond career development. The program also embraces a vision of universal accessibility where engaging classrooms make learning fun. This month’s educator conference brought us one step closer to making this dream a reality for local students.

The full article is available here.

Featured photo: Students and educator use Arts & Bots program of CMU CREATE Lab, Photo courtesy of CMU CREATE Lab

Jennifer Reeher