Puppy Zoom training classes can help dog owners stuck in the house

Brownie is Hannah Murphy’s new best friend.  “I love, I literally love him,” she said of her new puppy.  “He is just like the nicest guy ever. Yea, I sleep with him too. He’s the nicest guy ever,” Hannah says about her new puppy.

Hannah and her family got Brownie as a puppy during quarantine, and the 14-year-old has been training with Paul Anthony at Unleashed in Gibsonia ever since.

Hanna says, “I didn’t really want to train at first, and then I found out that it’s just fun to train with a puppy.”

Paul Anthony is a professional dog trainer, former K9 officer and competes internationally in mondioring.

He teaches people how to train their dogs to do everything from walk on a leash, sit and stay, to fun tricks like rolling over that keep the dog’s mind active.

Paul says because puppies or newly adopted dogs haven’t been out of the house much because of the pandemic, it’s especially important to teach them socialization.

“Socialization is huge because you’re going to come in contact with another dog or another human, so that’s number one, to teach the dog how to relax, to teach it how to stay out of that adrenaline.”

So can an old dog learn new tricks?

“We can train just about any age of dog,” Paul says, “but it’s like a child. If we teach them our ABC’s when they’re young, when they’re 10, it’s a bit harder.”

With most kids and adults home more now, there’s never been a better time to train a dog.

Hannah has been home from school and says, “It’s been very fun. I literally am happy that I started off with a puppy and that we got him at the time that we did. It was perfect timing too.”

Paul does private, group and Zoom dog, training classes.  He says you can learn from a book or video but personalized training is different.

You can ask your vet for recommendations on dog trainers.

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