What’s mentoring in Pittsburgh really like? Here’s the inside scoop from three volunteers.

Maybe you’ve thought about volunteering to do some mentoring in Pittsburgh, but you’re not sure what you’d need to do or whether it’s right for you. Or maybe you’ve wanted to get your child involved in a mentoring program, but you’re wondering what that would look like.

Kidsburgh is putting a spotlight on mentoring this month with help from our guest editor Bill Strickland. As part of this project, we wanted to give you an up-close look at what mentoring in Pittsburgh is really all about. What’s a typical day of mentoring like? What do mentors and mentees do together?

With help from our friends at the Mentoring Partnership, we went looking for answers to questions like these and we got them: Three people who mentor through different local organizations were kind enough to give us the inside scoop.

Here’s who they are and the insights they each shared:

mentoring in Pittsburgh
Ezra Dubowitz mentoring soccer players. Photo used by permission.


Mentor: Ezra Dubowitz
Organization: Open Field
Been mentoring since: 2018

Click here for our Q&A with Ezra.







mentoring in Pittsburgh
Malissa Seman with one of her mentees. Photo used by permission.


Mentor: Malissa Seman
Organization: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh
Been mentoring since: 2015

Click here for our Q&A with Malissa.






mentoring in Pittsburgh
Jack Mackin and his mentee at the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit. Photo used by permission.


Mentor: Jack Mackin
Organization: Aspire
Been mentoring since: 2018

Click here for our Q&A with Jack.