RSV: What do Pittsburgh-area parents need to know?

RSV cases are rising in our area. What do you need to know?

Light up Night 2022 is almost here: We’ve got details on all the holiday fun Downtown, kicking off Nov. 18-19

Light Up Night is almost here, Pittsburgh!

10-year-old Daniella Neve from South Fayette goes public in hopes of finding living kidney donor for her dad

“This is fantastic,” says UPMC’s Dr. Amit Tevar about Daniella Neve’s efforts. “I think it will serve as a model for how things are done in the future.”  

COVID booster shots in Pittsburgh

Details on getting COVID booster shots in Pittsburgh for kids ages 12-15

You can now get COVID booster shots in Pittsburgh for kids 12-15. Here’s where they’re available.

COVID booster shots in Pittsburgh

UPDATED: Latest news on COVID-19 vaccinations for kids under 12 

Will there be a mad dash for appointments once the vaccine is approved for kids under 12? Here’s what we know.

‘Good Morning America’ spotlights Beverly’s Birthdays during Pittsburgh visit. See the heartwarming segment here.

The fabulous Megs Yunn was in the spotlight today on GMA. Watch this wonderful segment on her great work at Beverly’s Birthdays.


Teach kids about fire safety and burn prevention with this Kidcast segment

Take 2 minutes to sit down and watch this Kidcast about preventing burns with your child.


Learn the dangers of e-cigarettes for your teen from this Kidcast episode

E-cigarettes and vaping are more harmful than most teens realize.


Kidcast dispels concussion myths surrounding group sports

Get the brand new recommendations from the CDC on concussions in kids


Why vaccinate your kids? Kidcast examines PA’s new laws

Pennsylvania has new vaccine guidelines, and there are new ways to get some vaccines. 

Parenting with cancer: CLIMB supports Pittsburgh families

Kids and teens who have parents with cancer can bravely face big family changes through a new six-week support group.

The UPMC-Highmark split and how it will affect Pittsburgh families

As of January 1, Highmark and UPMC will sever ties–but what does that mean specifically in terms of pediatric care, emergency department use and obstetrical care? We clarify some of parents’ most frequently asked questions.

Now hear this: Children’s Hospital and Pitt get $8.2 million for quicker ear infection fix

A quicker ear-infection cure involving less medicine, fewer side effects and a decreased chance of developing antibiotic immunity – that’s the aim of an $8.2 million grant awarded to UPMC’s […]