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It’s United Way’s annual Week of Caring. Here’s how you can get involved.

Welcome to the Week of Caring in Southwestern PA! We’ve got the details.

big book drop

United Way’s Big Book Drop brings reading fun to thousands of local kids

Thanks to the Big Book Drop, thousands of kids have new books on the way.

6 ways Hello Baby website delivers answers to new parents in Pittsburgh

“The idea really is that ‘it-takes-a-village’ approach.”

New family hotline dials up support for pandemic-worn Pittsburgh families

Partner organizations joined forces to streamline aid for the 24/7 hotline.

Kidsburgh heroes: 5 heartfelt projects driven by Pittsburgh kids

“Just about all of us are home right now with our families, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t collaborate and make a positive difference together.”

Here’s where your family can find help in Pittsburgh during the coronavirus pandemic

Lots of people are hurting. Lots of people need help. But it’s often hard to know just where to turn.

Ready to change a kid’s life? Check out these 8 questions on mentoring

The organization works as a kind of matchmaker between kids and mentors, pairing skills and needs.

Kidsburgh Heroes: Brother-sister duo brighten community through volunteering

“No matter how busy you are it’s always so wonderful to volunteer because the experience is so rewarding,”


Kidsburgh Heroes: Annie Yonas and Griffin Kerstetter mark 7 years of quilt-making for Pittsburgh homeless

“I’m not sure there’s a way to solve the problem (of homelessness). But there’s a way to improve it and we all have a role to play.”

my fave thing

My Favorite Pittsburgh Thing To Do With Kids: Robyn Gross

“We are able to give back to our community while having fun as a group.”

games for good

Pittsburgh kids have a field day at United Way’s first Games for Good

“You don’t need to go to a gym or a court. You can have fun in your neighborhood or backyard.”


Pedal power: Pittsburgh Build-A-Bike constructs 150 bikes for local kids

“It honestly is just like Christmas morning times 150 kids. It’s just so exciting to see them so excited.”

Vacation break for Pittsburgh kids means a fun, active schedule through APOST Summer17

“We want to make sure families and those working with kids know what’s going on in Pittsburgh and what the resources are.”

Sponsored Content United Way calls on local families to participate in #FamiliesForGoodChallenge

Volunteering as a family is a great way for children to learn the importance of doing good work throughout their community. That’s why United Way of Southwestern PA launched its […]

Be My Neighbor Day

Join the Pittsburgh family volunteer challenge at Be My Neighbor Day

Volunteering is so easy, even kids can do it – and families do it best together, says The United Way of Southwestern PA