Remake Learning’s Moonshot Grants offer over $1 million to make wildly innovative ideas a reality

Check out the latest recipients of Moonshot Grant funding, which gives $590,000 toward bold ideas for the future of learning.

Two months, 200 new ideas and a chance to revolutionize parent engagement in education 

Here’s how the global Family Engagement Design Sprint is building on pandemic-fueled progress.

You’re invited: Join us for the Great Learning Conversations!

We want to hear from parents and caregivers on what they feel is the purpose of a child’s K-12 journey. How can schools partner with families to make it the best it can be?

What if every city had a learning ecosystem?

Community-wide collaboration supports learners in Pittsburgh. This same progress can happen anywhere.

Parents as Allies project working to build connections between schools and families

A new global collaboration will find and share strategies for solid parent-school engagement.

Remake Learning works toward a limitless ‘Tomorrow’ in education

Remake Learning reflects on lessons learned from the first phase of the “Tomorrow” campaign.

Launching new ways of learning in Pittsburgh — and all across America

“We should embrace these innovations as signals about what’s possible.”

Wishing out loud: How $1.43 million in new grant funding aims to change the future of learning in Pittsburgh and beyond

The Tomorrow campaign gives 17 grants totaling nearly $1.43 million to fund groundbreaking projects in education.

Boxes of Joy help salvage summer for Pittsburgh kids

“We’re providing kids with things that they need to make sure that their summer is fun and engaging.”

As learning innovation grows, a fresh approach to ‘summer melt’ emerges in Pittsburgh

Over summer break, kids may lose up to 25 percent of what they learned during the school year.

9 questions with Gregg Behr on the magnitude of Remake Learning and other big ideas

Increasingly, the nation and the world are looking to this corner of the world to see how we might remake learning for what’s next.

Ready to change a kid’s life? Check out these 8 questions on mentoring

The organization works as a kind of matchmaker between kids and mentors, pairing skills and needs.

$800,000 in Pittsburgh education grants revealed at celebratED

“Pittsburgh is one of the places we point to as being on the leading edge of education innovation.”

Pittsburgh teachers and education innovations take center stage at CelebratED 

“There’s been so much innovation in birth through 12-grade education in the region, we thought, why not have something like the Academy Awards for teachers?”

all star teachers

Love your teachers? Nominate them to the Pittsburgh Pirates All Stars team!

“Recognizing outstanding teachers establishes a culture that rewards excellence in teaching and validates the work of the teacher.”

HundrEd Spotlight

Pittsburgh named first city in North America to be the site of HundrED Spotlight’s global campaign

It’s incredibly affirming for those in the local learning landscape to appreciate and understand what high quality work we’re doing collectively.

handmade arcade

Biggest-ever Handmade Arcade showcases first class of Youth Maker Scholarship winners

“I love to change a piece of nature that is somewhat dull and common into something people will cherish and appreciate in their daily lives.”

reamake learning

Pittsburgh kids are the winners in $400,000 Remake Learning grants

“Those who need the most resources and support, get the most resources and support. That means uplifting and supporting and working alongside learners in poverty, learners of color, learners in remote rural areas, girls in STEM, learners of exceptionality.”

Pittsburgh kid-size inventors wanted for worldwide challenge

“Kids are so creative. Ideally, they’ll really think outside of the box and determine what is a problem in their community and help solve that.”

schools 2017

What cool things are going on in Pittsburgh schools? Here’s an impressive list, from A to W

Our local schools invest heavily in our kids’ futures, addressing kids’ physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being.