May events for families Pittsburgh

26 May events for families (most of them free!), from Remake Learning Days and outdoor fun to reptiles and much more

So many May events for Pittsburgh families! Get all the info right here.

Photo courtesy of Kid Neuro Lab at Carnegie Mellon

Sponsored Content See your brain at Carnegie Mellon!

Learn about early mathematical abilities at the Kid Neuro Lab at Carnegie Mellon.

The 5 C’s of Remake Learning: How a few key strategies have changed students’ lives in the Pittsburgh region

These guiding principles have helped Remake Learning elevate learning throughout the Pittsburgh region.

How one school district built a digital ecosystem through real-world learning

Technology can reach kids in amazing ways, but tech-enabled learning requires the presence of caring adults.

Robots are awesome. But the future of education technology is all about people. 

Technology can and should be a tool for connecting people, not separating them.

‘Remaking Tomorrow’ report points toward a post-pandemic future built on innovation and community collaboration

Educators explore new forms of learning, assessment, support and connection for students.

Want students to thrive? Build a learning ecosystem

“More than ever, schools need partners—inside and outside the building—who share and shape their vision.

This Pittsburgh-created app acts as your medical memory after a doctor’s visit

The app provides peace of mind to be able to go back and check what was said.

Remake Learning asks: What might tomorrow bring for learning in America?

“There’s a sense of hope that this is an opportunity to create a future that we want to see.”

Struggling with your kids’ unhealthy food choices? Here’s LittleMoochi to the rescue!

When Moochi is well-fed, the character smiles and appears active and happy.

CMU Computer Science Academy debuts new (and free) high school coding curriculum

“We’re excited to do what we can to help make a difference in this space.”

Museum Lab opens, making this site the country’s largest cultural campus for kids

There are surprises literally around every corner.

Message from Me: A new tech tool for Pre-K developed at the CMU Create Lab

It gives parents a window into our classroom.

Image courtesy of the Alice Project.

Teens can learn to code during “a day of mad hackery” at Alice Bootcamp

“The most exciting thing is that Alice is a drag-and-drop interface that allows for programming without many of the barriers that limit people.”

Guide to Circus Art Classes

Kidsburgh Ambassador Yu-Ling Behr stops by Pittsburgh Today Live to talk about circus arts options for kids with KDKA TV’s Heather Abrahams! For a related story and more information, please […]

teen brains

Pittsburgh Teen Brain Report: Kids can make better decisions than we expect

“We’re sending a signal to young people that we’re willing to meet them where they are.”

Girls Studying STEM at CMU Leading the Way

Computer science is one of the hottest job fields, and Carnegie Mellon University has one of the top programs in the country, but the percentage of women studying computer science […]

preterm birth app

Magee and CMU researchers are developing an innovative app to combat preterm birth

“Pregnancy is a time when everyone feels worried and concern. The app is something that can give feedback even if everything is going well with a low-risk pregnancy.”

CMU Originals

3 winning entries in the Martin Luther King Jr. Writing Awards

What a lot of smart, literary kids we have in Pittsburgh!

This year’s Carnegie Mellon University’s Martin Luther King Jr. Writing Awards contest received a record-breaking 220 entries from 16 area high schools and five colleges.

Ellis School

Success stories dominate 100-year history of The Ellis School

The Centennial Gala on Oct. 15 will showcase some of the Ellis School’s shining success stories.