Wishing out loud: How $1.43 million in new grant funding aims to change the future of learning in Pittsburgh and beyond

The Tomorrow campaign gives 17 grants totaling nearly $1.43 million to fund groundbreaking projects in education.

Pennsylvania’s looming childcare crisis – and how you can help

This is fundamentally an economic equity and economic development issue.

children's fund

Allegheny County Children’s Fund getting a second chance with new study

“The effort last year resulted in having more than 250,000 voters say yes; this is important to them too. And many other voters wanted to know more.”


What’s next for Allegheny County Children’s Fund? Expect more work ahead.

“What this tells us is that just over a half million people in Allegheny County care about this issue.”


Grab-and-Go breakfast in schools promotes that all-important morning meal

“This is a winner in so many different ways. When you think about kids and think about their needs, this is an obvious one.”

‘Our kids. Our commitment.’ needs your signature to empower the future of Pittsburgh kids

“We all believe that by investing in our kids … we’re investing in the future of our region. We’re providing kids better opportunities. We’re providing a brighter future for the region.”

How important is breakfast to our school kids? An Allies for Children report links breakfast to learning.

A recent report that tracks local schools serving breakfasts reveals the importance of a morning meal for students’ academic performance.

Healthy Together helps Pittsburgh kids get insured

The Healthy Together campaign is helping to get 100% of Pittsburgh youth enrolled in quality health insurance.

Allies for Children commends new school funding formula

Patrick Dowd of Allies for Children commends new school funding formula proposed by the state’s Basic Education Funding Commission.

Hear Me explores Pittsburgh youth-police relations

Hear Me interviews Pittsburgh youth about their relationships with local law enforcement.

Healthy Together reaches uninsured Pittsburgh youth

Healthy Together is an enrollment campaign working to get all children in Allegheny County covered by affordable health insurance.