Pittsburgh Learning Collaborative

Giving kids a reason to go: The Pittsburgh Learning Collaborative aims to change chronic school absenteeism into ‘presenteeism’

Pittsburgh Learning Collaborative Summit attendees strategized about turning absenteeism into ‘presenteeism.’ Details here.

absenteeism in Pittsburgh schools

Absenteeism in Pittsburgh schools: Check out KDKA’s report

New strategies are helping fight absenteeism in Pittsburgh schools.

Pittsburgh resources

Help with childcare, youth organizing opportunities and more Pittsburgh resources to make your summer great

Check out these Pittsburgh resources for families.


TeenBloc students speak out on vital issues in their latest ‘zine

The teens focused on things impacting them directly, including one of the biggest issues facing young people today — social and emotional health. 

Pittsburgh nonprofits

How can you help? Pittsburgh non-profits share their holiday wish lists.

These Pittsburgh nonprofits share the ways you can help them do good in 2022.

A+ Schools report to the community

PublicSource: A+ Schools finds chronic absences and loss of students adding pressure to Pittsburgh Public Schools’ long-term inequalities

A+ Schools’ annual report to the community finds Pittsburgh facing segregated schools, inequitable funding and the loss of thousands of students.

PPS families: Navigation Ambassadors can help your kids get to school

Navigation Ambassadors are helping PPS kids get to school this year. Here are all the details.

Keys to concentration: Why meeting basic needs means everything for kids in school

In addition to healthy food, kids need to feel safe, accepted for who they are and represented in their school communities.

Can we fix Pittsburgh Public Schools? Here’s what the A+ Schools 2020 Report has to say

“It’s about problem-solving and understanding, rather than blame or shame. There’s an urgent need for folks to make changes.”

What should the future of learning look like? Ask the students.

Before young people can build a better world, we need to fix the way that we’re teaching them.

New family hotline dials up support for pandemic-worn Pittsburgh families

Partner organizations joined forces to streamline aid for the 24/7 hotline.

A+ Schools report: 4 critical points to consider for schools operating during the pandemic

Many parents have trepidation about what’s to come — whether schools open or distance learning continues.

Michael Keaton to the rescue with bus-stop meals for Pittsburgh kids

Pittsburgh non-profits wanted to find a solution to help bring food closer to kids.

A+ Schools’ James Fogarty embraces role of positive deviant as an advocate of Pittsburgh Public Schools

“We have everything we need to succeed. Let’s just get to work.” 

2018 progress report

What’s the state of Pittsburgh Public Schools? James Fogarty discusses the latest progress report

“We’re trying to find trends and pull together high-level talking points.”

Want to get the most from parent-teacher meetings? Let these strategies be your guide.

“This is my opportunity to get to see the people that I have entrusted my precious jewels to.”

Karin Chenoweth

What does it take for schools to succeed? Karin Chenoweth offers good news for underfunded districts.

“It’s not like Tinkerbell. It’s not like you believe and clap hard and it’s magic. It’s really hard work to teach every kid.”

captain planet

Cartoons can encourage regard for social issues along with laughter

Cartoons can highlight important issues in real life, from race to gentrification to environmental problems in society.

teachers strike

PPS teachers strike: Mapping out childcare for Pittsburgh kids

With the threat of a Pittsburgh Public Schools teachers strike looming, moms and dads need to move quickly on childcare plans for their kids.

2017 Public School Progress

Kidsburgh Q&A: 4 questions with James Fogarty on 2017 Pittsburgh Public Schools report

Motivating educators, providing systems of support and ensuring they can be effective requires a very deft principal who can manage a team, get them working on all cylinders and believing they can be effective with the children they have.