remake learning days

Remake Learning Days are coming, with 200+ hands-on learning events for families — nearly all of them free!

In 15 regions around the world — from Wisconsin to Florida, New Zealand to Uruguay, and so many points in between — families will celebrate hands-on learning in the coming weeks, thanks to the Remake Learning Days festival.

But in the Pittsburgh region, we’re the really lucky ones: This is the place where the Remake Learning Days festival was born, and in the years since the festival was created, it has grown and grown.

This year, from May 4 through May 23, more than 200 learning events will be hosted throughout southwestern Pennsylvania. Nearly all of them are free.

remake learning days
Photo courtesy of Remake Learning Days.

The festival is one of the world’s largest open houses of learning, with events hosted not just in schools but in spaces all around the community. From laundromats and theaters to museums, community centers, libraries, tech companies and so many more places, kids and their caregivers can do everything from exploring the science behind the way bees create honey to building their own LED cloud lamps and sewing their own stuffed animal. There will be singing, stargazing and so much more.

Additional events are happening in advance of the festival’s official opening, including Carnegie Science Center’s H2OH River Weekend and Alumni Theater Company’s Perform With Us event.

“Our goal is to create accessible opportunities for families to learn together, to take the time to be curious together and to remember the joy of discovering something new,” says Dorie Taylor, producer of the Remake Learning Days festival. “We’re excited for more families to experience Remake Learning Days as it takes root globally.”

How can you find Remake Learning Days Events? 

Whether you’re looking for events related to science, technology, the arts, hands-on maker work, the environment or helping young people use their voices to make the world a better place, searching for events is easy.

Click here to search the Remake Learning Days website for in-person and virtual events for kids of all ages.

You can narrow your search by choosing a particular learning theme, date, age group or other variables.

Photo courtesy of Remake Learning Days.

Fun, inspiration and career-readiness

A major goal for Pennsylvania schools is to ensure that the current generation of kids are all “career-ready” by the time they graduate from high school. This year, Remake Learning Days will be hosting 150 different events that are designated as “career-ready events” by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Students who attend one of these “career-ready events” will earn a digital badge on behalf of their school. Schools that gather enough digital badges, will earn a career-ready banner to display in their school buildings.

This spring, you can build a robot, code an art spinner, direct a film, be a scientist, explore the outdoors, make your own music, print your invention with a 3-D printer and more. It’s all happening during Remake Learning Days, one of the largest open houses of learning in the world. So come and play, and bring the whole family: Remake Learning Days events invite parents and other caregivers to learn alongside the kids they’re raising.

Shared learning experiences have so many benefits. After surveying hundreds of attendees at past Remake Learning Days events in the Pittsburgh region, the Global Family Research Project (GFRP) found that family engagement in STEAM learning makes students more likely to succeed academically, more likely to take advanced STEAM courses, and more likely to pursue STEAM-related careers.