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Pittsburgh’s Remake Learning celebrates 10 years of leading the nation in breaking new ground

remake learning op-ed
Kidsburgh Staff
September06/ 2017
This op-ed by Gregg Behr, co-chair of the Remake Learning Council, and Ryan Rydzewski of the Grable Foundation, originally appeared on NEXTpittsburgh: 

As a species and a society, we’re hurtling toward an era for which we have no reference point — toward a time remarkably unlike our own.

From the way our cities work to the way our brains develop, everything about the world as we know it stands to be revised, redefined and remade. What seems impossible today can be prototyped in a year, common in five and ubiquitous in ten.

 Today, technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate, changing society in rapid, unpredictable ways. It’s even changing us, writes neuroscientist Gary Small: Research shows that “Modern kids’ brains — brains that have been steeped in digital media since infancy — are actually evolving differently than other brains.”

Clearly, this calls for a new approach to learning.

Here in Pittsburgh, that effort is well underway. For 10 years, Remake Learning has worked to ignite engaging, relevant and equitable learning opportunities for every student — opportunities that leverage technology, art and the learning sciences to upend the factory model paradigm. We believe that to truly prepare learners for the future, we need to equip them not only with deep content knowledge and high-tech tools, but also the skills and creativity to adapt to and thrive amid dramatic advances in technology.

Read the rest of the article at NEXTPittsburgh.

Remake Learning celebrates its 10th anniversary with a free pancake breakfast at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh on Sept. 14. Click here for event details and registration.

Kidsburgh Staff