The Perry sextuplets graduate from high school and prepare for new beginnings

They’re known as the “Perry Sextuplets” – six kids born March 19, 2003, at Magee Womens Hospital to parents Erin and Joe Perry, joining big brother Parker.

We’ve followed Simon, Olivia, Ian, Zoe, Josh and Madison through their major milestones, and now they’re about to live separate lives for the first time… all six going off to colleges from Ohio to North Carolina.

“I think it’s definitely going to be exciting and difficult because our entire lives, I’ve always had all of my siblings here every single day,” said Simon Perry, one of the sextuplets.

Three of the graduates are going to St. Francis University, one starting in the Army Reserves, and the others are going to Miami of Ohio, Kent State and Coastal Carolina universities.

KDKA’s Kristine Sorensen talked with the six graduates and their mom over Zoom and asked mom, Erin, “How are you feeling as a mom of not one, but six graduates?”

“It’s a lot of anxiety,” she said.  “A lot of sleepless nights figuring out what we’re doing with college, the party, graduation, making sure everybody had prom attire, graduation attire. It’s been a lot.”

 Having seven kids in college at once means lots of time applying for scholarships and student loans.

This week, the Perrys got to walk down memory lane with their 130 classmates through the halls of their Avonworth elementary and middle schools.

Kristine asked them, “What’s it like to be kind of famous in your school district?”
“I like it,” Josh said to laughter from his siblings.

“Why? What do you like about it?” Kristine asked.

“I just like how everyone knows who we are, like a teacher or a student or really anyone around the school knows who we are,” Josh added.

They’re looking forward to now being known individually, but they’re grateful for the time they had quarantined in the pandemic.

“I think it was actually good for us,” Zoe said.  “We were stuck together in the house, and I definitely think we all got a lot closer.”

Kristine asked them what’s the hardest part about growing up as a sextuplet.

Simon: “I’d say privacy”

Josh: “Sharing cars and vehicles”

Madison “Having your own individual personality”

Then Kristine asked what are the best things about being a sextuplet.

Josh:  “Never being bored is a good thing”

Zoe:  “You don’t have to experience things alone”

Josh: “Always having support and someone to stand up for you

Madison: “You always have someone to turn to for advice

Olivia:  “Whenever you want to go out and play volleyball or something, we always have a full team”

Erin thanks everyone who helped along the way.

“I had help feeding them when they were young, watching them so I could go to the store.  We had a lot of help,” she said with tears coming down her face. “I could never repay everybody that helped us.”

Erin says she’s not looking forward to going from six kids at home to none, but she will enjoy taking golf lessons, traveling and going to concerts.