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Citizens Science Lab and YBMKQ bring STEAM education to Penn Hills

Photo above courtesy of KDKA.

Dozens of kids in Penn Hills will be getting STEAM education thanks to a new five-year partnership between the Citizens Science Lab and the Young Black Motivated Kings and Queens organization.

Dr. Andre Samuel, who founded the Citizens Science Lab, led an experiment that puts a spotlight on what the young people will be doing five days a week at the community center in Penn Hills.

“This is particularly important for the Black and underserved communities,” Dr. Samuel said, “because nationally, only less than 5% of PhD’s handed out in the biological and life sciences are held by African Americans. And so it’s important for us to get out there, create more Black scientists so that we can address more issues that deal with our communities.”

Young Black Motivated Kings and Queens offers after school programming and summer camps for kids in elementary through high school at very low cost to families. They currently have about 60 kids every day after school who will get the science programming.

If you’d like more information about how your child can be part of their after-school or summer programming, visit YBMKQ right here.