Local kids can learn how to tell stories the Pixar way

Photo above courtesy of Pixar.

Have you ever wondered what makes a great film so great? When you think of your favorite films, it begins with a great story. And, every great story starts with a team of expert storytellers.

Pittsburgh kids can learn how to become strong storytellers through a unique program by Pixar called Story Xperiential. In this eight-week online course, students from across the U.S. and Canada will go behind the scenes and learn how to tell stories the Pixar way. They’ll get to meet different Pixar storytellers each Monday at 8 p.m. EST. Then, students work on their own story reel and receive weekly video feedback from other students.

Photos courtesy of Pixar.

By the end of this program, students will discover what it takes to make a great movie. They’ll learn the essential skills of giving and receiving feedback. And, they’ll showcase their short film in a final exhibition.

These young people won’t just see what it’s like to work at Pixar — they’ll actually do it themselves!

This pilot program is for students ages 13-18 and no experience is needed. You can apply as an individual, a team of 1-4 people or as a school group (kids can let their teachers know that they’d like to get a group involved).

The cost is $50 per team and scholarships are available.

The deadline to apply is Monday, Sept. 27. Sign up here.