KDKA: Pittsburgh’s EQT Children’s Theater Festival begins Friday

Photo above by Renee Rosensteel courtesy of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

Kids and families can explore, play and learn in downtown Pittsburgh’s Cultural District this weekend at the EQT Children’s Theater Festival which is now in its 37th year. There are seven different theatrical shows with 25 performances over the three days. And on top of the shows, there are more than 50 free activities outside the theaters.

“There’s so much to learn about the world around us,” says Pam Komar, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s director of children’s theater. “And doing that from the stage in a setting together without leaving Pittsburgh is absolutely wonderful.”

There’s a whole show about hiccups coming all the way from Australia. Clearly hiccups are universally funny. And clowns from Madagascar will have the whole family laughing in this show called “Sakasaka” with live music and physical comedy all about water.

“In their language, ‘sakasaka’ means thirsty,” Komar says. “So they are talking about the scarcity of water in their own country but also how we all need it to survive and so it ends up being a hilarious take on some serious issues but lots of fun too.”

A theater company from Nova Scotia takes three colorful Todd Par books and brings them to life on stage with a show called “It’s OK to Be Different.”

“The three titles that are performed on stage are all about self-confidence and understanding and being kind to ourselves and the environment around us,” Komar says.

The festival is a great way to introduce kids to theater. Each show is no more than an hour, you can sit where you want and if you need to get up, that’s not a problem. Tickets are $12 each.

And outside the theaters, there are more than 50 free activities where kids can create their own works of art, dance, make music, build, listen to stories and play.

“We’re really fortunate in our community to have this kind of event,” says Komar. “There aren’t many children’s festival, especially in the states. There are around the word, but it’s really something special not to be missed.”

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