Catch up with the Best Family Movies of 2018

All of these movie earned the Common Sense Seal, which means they offer an exceptional experience to kids of all ages.

first night

Your insider’s guide to family fun at First Night Pittsburgh

As the director of First Night Pittsburgh and as a mom, Sarah Aziz is the perfect guide for this big event.


All the winter events you need to know about in Pittsburgh for the best season ever

The countdown to spring has never been better!

These storybooks help little kids deal with their big emotions

Reading about other kids – and animal characters – experiencing the same kinds of situations and feelings helps kids to recognize and understand what they are going through.

common sense media

What parents need to know before buying Google Home or Amazon Echo

As with any artificial intelligence technology that “learns” your habits, the gains may not be as great as what you give up to use it.

gifts of experiences

No more toys! Moms hope their kids receive gifts of experiences from doting relatives this year

These presents can fill kids with excitement and provide memories for many years to come.

common sense media

What’s the best game console for your kids?

Video game consoles make Chrismas wish lists every year. Not sure where to start? Check out this list of recommended game consoles.

best december

11 best events in December for Pittsburgh kids

Is it possible to overdose on Santa-themed events? The December lineup of family-friendly fun will give you a chance to find out!

Where kids find hate online – and how to help them deal with it

Kids are stumbling into online spaces that are confusing, scary, and shaky. Common Sense Media offers ideas to discuss with your kids and tips to handle hate speech.

adoption books

These 9 books for kids honor Adoption Month with comfort and understanding

Sharing these stories is a fine way to begin conversations about a child’s identity.

Common Sense Media

Everything you need to know about Fortnite

The Fortnite frenzy seemed to come out of nowhere. With its sudden success, you might be wondering: What’s it all about — and is it OK for my kids?

top 10 events

Top 10 can’t-miss November events for Pittsburgh kids

November means cool temps and even cooler activities for kids. 

10 ways kids can explore space in Pittsburgh

Space exploration and the study of the night sky captivates the imagination.

children's fund

Why vote yes on Allegheny County Children’s Fund? Here’s what you need to know.

When kids are set up to achieve greatness, the entire community wins.

common sense media

How to talk to kids about sexual harassment … before they even know about sex

Young children have a hard time understanding abstract concepts. But you can begin to teach them about what they see and hear on the news.

radical days

10 fun freebies for kids during Pittsburgh RADical Days

Who doesn’t love free? Pittsburgh RADical Days gives families the chance to visit favorite destinations without paying a dime.

common sense media

What Apple’s new iOS 12 parental controls mean for you

Apple’s new parental control options in the iOS 12 update are so helpful. Check out this guide from Common Sense Media.

top 10 october

10 top October events for Pittsburgh kids

No surprise that October is a collection of fun times involving pumpkins, harvest festivals and a few things that go bump in the night.

Want to get the most from parent-teacher meetings? Let these strategies be your guide.

“This is my opportunity to get to see the people that I have entrusted my precious jewels to.”

common sense media

School year screen-time rules – from a teacher

“I’m not just a teacher: I’m a mom who struggles with screen time, too.”