PIttsburgh golf camp

At this free Pittsburgh golf camp, kids are discovering a new sport

Photo by Nathan Jennings on Unsplash.

Kids in our area who have never been exposed to golf are getting a chance to learn the sport — and learn about the careers that support it.

The William H. Curtis Golf Camp for Youth in East Liberty offers a free camp for kids ages 5 to 14 at Mount Ararat’s Community Activity Center in East Liberty. The children begin to learn how to play golf inside and then have an opportunity to play outside on a golf course.

The program’s founder and director, Dr. William H. Curtis, is also Senior Pastor at Mount Ararat Baptist Church.

“It’s what we would call a gentleman or a ladies sport, in terms of it’s based on honesty, integrity, interaction with the people you’re playing with, playing by the rules, enjoying outdoor and enjoying the engagement of something that works physically and mentally,” Curtis says.

Students are finding success and enjoying the experience.

“The more you get the hang of it and the more people help you out, the better you can be,” says 14-year-old Nhayla Parker, who participates in the program.

The lessons are free, and all equipment is provided. The Curtis golf camps have been going on year-round for three years.

If you’re interested in signing up for the golf summer program, call (412)441-1852 for the Mount Ararat Community Activity Center, located at 745 N. Negley Avenue in East Liberty.