What’s new in Pittsburgh school districts this year? Check it out here.

New programming, new initiatives and brand spanking new buildings add up to an exciting school year.

13 best September events for Pittsburgh families

The kids are back in school, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end.

Bright by Text, in partnership with WQED, offers kid-focused tips, games and guidance via text

“We want parents to have the best research-based information right at their fingertips.”

10 storybooks to ease first-day jitters for kids heading to preschool

Reading about other kids, dinos and llamas who experience the same feelings can help them understand and overcome their fears.

How much do you love me? A storybook that is a gift of love from a dying dad to his little boy

“I am still so proud of him – and telling people about his book is my way of telling the world about him.”

6 reasons to head to the (awesome) Pittsburgh Children’s Film Festival

Though the programming is intended to entertain kids, these movies will appeal to a wide range of movie buffs.

Check out these winning stories from the 2019 WQED Kids Writers Contest

Read these winning stories with your kids as a jumping point for their own storytelling. Warning: Giggling – and big ideas – may occur.

2019 Best Books for Babies deliver brain development (and quality snuggle time)

These top books promote linguistic, cognitive and visual development in babies from birth to 18 months.

15 online ‘camps’ fill kids’ summer with learning adventures

If managing your kids’ summer schedules is running you ragged, you may want to consider the online option.

Kidcast spotlights Buzzword, a fun way to increase your kid’s vocabulary

Learning new words can be a part of playing. We’ll show you how.

9 storybooks for little ones who love their binkies and blankies

Giving up pacifiers and security blankets can be an emotional adjustment, but reading stories about others facing the same struggle can help.

Why does Elmo love books? Watch this Kidcast and find out!

Our Kidcast celebrity guest tells us why reading is so important for him and his monster family.


All the spring events Pittsburgh kids have been waiting for!

Spring’s the perfect time to fly a kite, take a hike and enjoy outdoor festivals.

Live Out Loud

4 poems about friendships written by Pittsburgh kids in an era of hate

This year’s edition of Higher Achievement’s annual “Love Out Loud” focused on the theme of “Love Thy Neighbor.”

Kids who love to read help choose the titles for this Pittsburgh bookstore

“The whole idea of City of Asylum is to give under-represented people a voice. Kids are under-represented.”

Hoping for more sharing and less tussle? These 9 storybooks can help!

Even before little kids move up to kindergarten, they can learn how to show kindness and compassion to others.


2019 Pittsburgh summer camps that appeal to every kind of kid

Summer is too short to fit in all the cool camps available for Pittsburgh kids.

3 cool – and free! – book programs for Pittsburgh kids, from tots to teens

“We didn’t just want to give kids books. We wanted to connect them with someone modeling good reading skills so they had that example, as well.”

clp black history

10 biographies for kids — and a party! — that explore Black History Month

Stories of real people who’ve made a difference help promote positive racial identity and confidence.

10 STEM books on space to test your kid’s outer limits

These STEM: Super Science booklists keep a child’s interest with engaging stories guaranteed to promote curiosity.

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