New Pittsburgh law protects pregnant women and their partners

Pittsburgh is a trailblazer in protecting the rights of pregnant women and their partners.  A new law took effect in the City of Pittsburgh in April that protects employees throughout […]


Mommy blogger Chaton Turner shares her life hacks in this Kidcast

Finding a home-work balance — and avoiding mommy guilt — is a struggle for most moms.

Here’s why the upcoming Pittsburgh School Board elections matter

This is a common good.  It leads to the success or failure of our region and our city. 


Kidcast and Dr. G offer advice on discussing tragedy with kids

At what age should parents discuss any emotionally difficult subject?

common sense media

What should I do when people post photos of my kid online without asking me first?

We can’t always control what is posted, but we can start the conversation with others. 

Find a social justice approach to education at City of Bridges High School

The new school will combine state-mandated academics with project-based learning in the community.


Help your baby (and you) get a good night’s sleep with this Kidcast advice

You can teach your kids to sleep and set them up for a lifetime of healthy rest.

Kidsburgh Maker Monday Projects on PTL

Kidsburgh Ambassador Yu-Ling Behr and her daughters, Catheryn and Caroline, stop by Pittsburgh Today Live to show host Heather Abrahams a few great #MakerMonday activities. Try the Recycled Paper Flower or the Monster […]


Kidcast looks at efforts to overcome the circle of poverty

Kristine Sorensen and Tammi Thompson of Circles Greater Pittsburgh discuss steps to overcoming the circle of poverty in this Kidcast.


When should kids pitch in with chores? Dr. G offers advice in this Kidcast

We have easy tips on what chores even little kids can do and why it’s important.


Winter coats can pose a car seat hazard. Kidcast shows how to keep your kids safe.

Puffy winter coats can pose a big danger to little kids when it comes to car seats.

Pittsburgh Today Live: Pittsburgh organizations where families can volunteer together

Families are often looking for ways to teach children about charity and helping others, and Kidsburgh is here to help!

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