Magee-Womens Hospital uses digital database for newborn footprints

With the digital footprint, parents can get creative and make gifts for family.

Museum Lab opens, making this site the country’s largest cultural campus for kids

There are surprises literally around every corner.

Message from Me: A new tech tool for Pre-K developed at the CMU Create Lab

It gives parents a window into our classroom.

6 ways kids can see free (or super cheap) summer movies in Pittsburgh

Escape hot summer days in an air-conditioned theater or unwind on balmy nights with movie viewing under the stars.

7 ways kids will have a blast at Three Rivers Arts Festival

At the grown-up age of 60, Three Rivers Arts Festival remains as fresh and young-looking as ever.

Kidsburgh Hero: Safety patrol 4th-grader awarded AAA Lifesaving Medal

This is a reminder that heroes come in all sizes and to not underestimate the courage of little kids.

Kidcast spotlights Buzzword, a fun way to increase your kid’s vocabulary

Learning new words can be a part of playing. We’ll show you how.

School for the Deaf students learn to express themselves through dance

We wanted to focus not only on their ideas and their emotions but their sense of vibration and sound. 

Kidcast checks up on personal parenting goals for 2019

Kristine Sorensen looks back on this year’s Kidcast series with advice from Pittsburgh parents.

2 programs offer golf lessons and life lessons for Pittsburgh kids

Golf is the only sport that you don’t have a referee. You’re calling your own penalties on yourself.

This Kidcast (in Spanish!) helps Latino immigrants understand Pittsburgh

Monica Ruiz with Casa San Jose helps families understand the laws concerning school, car seats, health insurance and more.


300-plus (mostly free) activities spark excitement for kids through Remake Learning Days

RLD connects kids from pre-K through high school with a network of facilities where they can let their imaginations run wild.

common sense media

10 risky apps parents should watch out for in 2019

it’s nearly impossible to keep up with every hot new app on your kid’s phone, which makes knowing the risky features a solid first step.

How to choose a quality preschool

The experts at Trying Together tell us what to look for in a preschool.

Help your kid prepare for kindergarten with this Kidcast advice

How to help your son or daughter have the best possible start in school.

11 ways kids can celebrate Earth Day season in Pittsburgh

One day is simply not enough to contain all the activities dedicated to Earth Day.

What can we learn from the Best of the Batch? Plenty, say Charlie and Latasha.

Charlie and Latasha Batch have learned a lot from the thousands of kids they’ve helped through their foundation.

Social media, body image and how art therapy helps kids with eating disorders

A study at The University of Pittsburgh found that participants who most frequently checked social media throughout the day had 2.6 times the risk of reporting eating and body image […]

Why does Elmo love books? Watch this Kidcast and find out!

Our Kidcast celebrity guest tells us why reading is so important for him and his monster family.

Learn the 4 C’s of screen-time balance in this Kidcast

Is it hard to pull the i-Pad from your kid’s gripping hands?  You’re not alone!

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