Sue Klebold, mom of a Columbine shooter, shares what she’s learned about the unimaginable

“I’ve tried to take whatever happened and make it my own life’s mission.”

Kristine Sorensen wins Emmy Award for Kidsburgh stories

We’re happy to congratulate Kristine for winning her first Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award for her lineup of Kidsburgh stories.

Do parents hate homework as much as kids? Yes, but these Kidcast tips will help.

Some parents would consider homework the bane of their existence.

Worried about your teen vaping? Dr. G is here to help

“I would like to remind parents that privacy is a privilege, not a right.”

It’s not all fun and games! Play is an important part of a child’s development

“Play is really the most natural way that children learn.”

Looking to make the most of parent-teacher meetings? This Kidcast has you covered!

Start thinking about growth mindset: The harder you work, the smarter you get. 

Pittsburgh schools hoping to reduce student stress and anxiety with lessons in mindfulness

“The counselors really make you feel homey and welcome when you’re having a bad day.”

Kidcast explores questions about vaccines with pediatrician Dr. Todd Wolynn

“We’re now facing the largest outbreak of measles that we have in close to two decades.”

For Pittsburgh kids with special needs, equine therapy is more than horseplay: It’s life-changing. 

“This is where they grow and make friends.”

Learn how to instill your kids with a love of reading in this Kidcast episode

Now that school has started, it’s time to dive into books. We talk to an expert on how to help instill a love of reading your children

Boys & Girls Club looking to double programs for teens

“There’s not enough diversity in technology. … This kind of program’s really going to encourage that.” 

Let’s Go Fishing brings Pittsburgh urban communities together

“I thought you could only fish in the woods.”

Pittsburgh high school kids are helping researchers find a cure for cancer

“There’s a lot of messy, unglamorous details of being in the lab. You love it more for all the little tidbits.”

Pittsburgh girls with disabilities featured in Aerie’s national ad campaign

“I can say, just be who you are and let it show.”

summer of space

7 reasons to blast off with Summer of Space at Carnegie Science Center

To celebrate this historic achievement, Carnegie Science Center is launching new lunar programming.

Magee-Womens Hospital uses digital database for newborn footprints

With the digital footprint, parents can get creative and make gifts for family.

Museum Lab opens, making this site the country’s largest cultural campus for kids

There are surprises literally around every corner.

Message from Me: A new tech tool for Pre-K developed at the CMU Create Lab

It gives parents a window into our classroom.

6 ways kids can see free (or super cheap) summer movies in Pittsburgh

Escape hot summer days in an air-conditioned theater or unwind on balmy nights with movie viewing under the stars.

7 ways kids will have a blast at Three Rivers Arts Festival

At the grown-up age of 60, Three Rivers Arts Festival remains as fresh and young-looking as ever.

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