Yoga, babies and art? Kidcast checks out this cool class at Carnegie Museum

Engaging in the arts can lead to increased self-esteem, a decrease in stress and depression levels, and it improves your overall sense of well-being.

Kidcast: How to empower your kids to be their best

One of the biggest things parents can do is finding their children’s passions.

Kidcast: Through coding skills, kids learn to think like a computer

Witha coding language like Scratch, kids can do anything from making animations to steering a drone.

New PA law requires kids to learn CPR before high school graduation

The American Heart Association hopes kids will go home and teach their parents and grandparents as well.

Kidcast: How to find resources and guidance for kids with special needs

Helping kids stay on task and focused can make a big difference.

Kidcast: There’s help for moms who suffer from anxiety during and after pregnancy

There are common-sense strategies like taking time for yourself, taking care of yourself, getting people to support you so you can get a break.

JA BizTown teaches kids to conquer the business world

Kids get to practice the skills they’re learning in a simulated business world at JA BizTown.

What’s a midwife’s role? Kidcast explains the philosophy of care

One of the hallmarks of midwifery is shared decision making.

Moms find help for postpartum depression through NEST

“Early detection is often the key to success.”

Kidcast dispels myths surrounding pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting but complicated time when women are faced with many misconceptions.

State program gives each child born in PA $100 towards college

The hope is that families will start their own college savings account.

Here’s why a vision test is so important for your kids

Vision problems are the No. 1 one cause of disability in children.

Kidcast: Pittsburgh’s evolving libraries are finding new ways to serve families

Parents benefit as much as kids with free, entertaining programming.

Cam Howard meets Cam Heyward: Boy with rare disorder meets his fave Steeler

“I’m 13 now, and my body is like 70 years old.”

Kidcast: Trying Together works to improve the lives of kids and their caregivers

We have a lot of resources to help guide parenting and decision-making.

Pittsburgh teen rodeo champ heading to world finals in Vegas

“You just you move your hands or you move your legs, and he knows exactly what you want.”

Kidcast: Trying Together shares ways to encourage creative play

Open-ended materials mean the toys have limitless possibilities for play.

Parents, schools and social initiatives needed to prevent bullying

We’ve seen a lot of cases of bullying in the news in the last couple of weeks.  Despite all of the anti-bullying lessons at schools, it’s not going away.  In […]

Kidcast: Learn how to #bethekindkid with these three steps

Kids can learn empathy by listening to a story or reading a book and learning to verbalize how the character is feeling.

Pilot program hopes to reduce racial achievement gap in Pittsburgh Public Schools’ kindergarteners

Educators are realizing the value of play and of the simple messages of Mister Rogers.

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