Find virtual childcare from Flexable

In Pennsylvania, 40 percent of brick and mortar childcare facilities are expected to shut down by the time we’re out of the pandemic.  That’s why the local company “Flexable”came up with […]

Getting Children Tested For Coronavirus Is Not That Easy Or That Simple

Getting kids tested for coronavirus is not that easy or that simple

Many people want to get their kids tested for coronavirus, whether it’s because they want to visit with grandparents, or they traveled out of state and the kids need negative […]

Puppy Zoom training classes can help dog owners stuck in the house

Brownie is Hannah Murphy’s new best friend.  “I love, I literally love him,” she said of her new puppy.  “He is just like the nicest guy ever. Yea, I sleep with him […]

Books on race and racism, by age, recommended by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Not certain where to start or how to talk about race? These books will help.

Summer educational opportunities for kids in Pittsburgh

Many people expected that remote learning because of coronavirus was sub-par, but preliminary numbers showing learning declined dramatically. Educators and parents are hoping that instead of a summer learning slide, […]

Dr. Aisha White of the P.R.I.D.E. Program on talking to kids about racism

Let them know that this country does not always treat everybody fairly. Kids understand what fairness is.

Summer plans falling apart? Dr. G says it’s time to get creative

“Ask your kids to become your program directors.”

Some Pittsburgh summer camps are going virtual during coronavirus pandemic

“We are all trying to stay flexible. We’re keeping our eyes open. We have B plans and C plans.”

Remake Learning Days challenges kids to share lessons learned during the pandemic

“I learned that I really like the creative side of me.”

Get crafty with these homemade Mother’s Day card ideas

Show your gratitude to a special person by making one of these #MakerMonday cards.

Variety charity gives voice to Pittsburgh kids through specially programmed iPads

“It’s crazy to think that this little iPad, this communication device, can make such a big change.”

Experts say child abuse numbers are likely to be higher during coronavirus outbreak

The child welfare system is very much operational at this point in time.

Kidcast shares a kid-friendly recipe for junior chefs

Cooking can be a great way to enjoy time together with your kids.

How to be resilient during times that try your family’s mental health

Have you found yourself pushed to your limit, losing patience?  Or do you find your kids are acting in ways they don’t normally behave?

Are your kids anxious about coronavirus? Dr. G is here to help

The health crisis can be frightening for kids when schoolyard chatter raises all sorts of misinformation.

Kidcast shows how to get your kids cooking, age by age

Believe it or not, kids can start to help cook as young as 2 years.

‘Big League Fun’ baseball exhibit hits a home run with Pittsburgh kids

“Baseball and family are pretty much synonymous.”

Yoga, babies and art? Kidcast checks out this cool class at Carnegie Museum

Engaging in the arts can lead to increased self-esteem, a decrease in stress and depression levels, and it improves your overall sense of well-being.

Kidcast: How to empower your kids to be their best

One of the biggest things parents can do is finding their children’s passions.

Kidcast: Through coding skills, kids learn to think like a computer

Witha coding language like Scratch, kids can do anything from making animations to steering a drone.

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