Games for Change

This weekend, Games for Change invites kids to help design video games that make the world better

Photo above by bruce mars used by permission via Unsplash.

On Saturday, kids who love video gaming can learn how to make their very own games — and they can help other learners in the process. Games for Change, Two Bit Circus Foundation and invite middle and high school students to make games at their Virtual Game Jam this Saturday, Jan. 29.

At this free event, open to anyone in grades 5 through 12, professional game designers will teach the basics of game design and guide kids through the creation process. No experience with game design or computer science is needed. Kids just need a desire to develop their skills and interest in making games that can make the world a better place.

Participating kids will use the theme “Shaping the World for Difference” as their inspiration. They’ll be asked to consider the learning and thinking differences that players might have, and find ways to make games that are fun and playable by everyone.

During the Game Jam, kids will be asked these questions: How would you help players see what it feels like to learn and think differently? How would you design a game that is fun and playable by everyone — no matter how well they can do things like pay attention, read, write, and work with numbers? Can you help shape the world for all kinds of thinkers?

Then they’ll be encouraged to make a game that raises awareness about learning and thinking differences.

Pittsburgh-region families can get all the details and register here (the page specifically mentions kids in L.A. and Seattle participating, but we confirmed that kids nationwide are invited).

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