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TapeScape 3.0 is bigger and better than ever at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

Kristine Sorensen
January30/ 2019

A new exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is all about tape, but you won’t believe how something so ordinary can become something extraordinary.  TapeScape 3.0 is back by popular demand after two earlier versions at the museum, 3 and 6 years ago, and this unique version is bigger and better than ever, inviting a whole new generation of kids to explore.

The squeals of delight coming from the play sculpture are the sounds of approval.  Chuck Reese’s daughter, 4-year-old daughter, Emma, can’t get enough of TapeScape.  “She has not stopped since we got here, but the high fives and smiles show she’s enjoying the heck out of it,” says this Ross Township dad.

Christie Schwilm from Kittanning was seen going down the slides herself.  “As an adult, I approve for kids and adults,” she says with a grin.

Sculptor Eric Lennartson makes TapeScapes around the world, as far away as Dubai, and each one is specific to the location.  He hopes it inspires kids and adults to look at all things in a new way.  “If you look at the exhibit, you can see spider webs. And a mathematician can find curves and parabolas.  I know a doctor came through and thought it looks like a vascular system of the human body,” Lennartson says at the opening day of the Pittsburgh TapeScape.

While TapeScape is architecture and sculpture, the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh wanted to bring it back for one main reason.  “Well frankly, it was so much fun!” said Anne Fullenkamp, director of design at the museum.

Lennartson spent two weeks constructing the exhibit, starting with a scaffolding that’s two stories high.  Museum employees helped create the sculpture, using Saran Wrap, covered in 20 to 25 miles of tape.  “Then we stretch the tape linearly… to flatten it and squeeze it around.  So we compound the tension and make it super strong,” Lennartson explains.


Kristine Sorensen

I am proud to work at KDKA-TV -- anchoring the news, hosting Pittsburgh Today Live and doing special reports. I am married to KDKA reporter Marty Griffin and we have 3 children. I first moved to Pittsburgh in 1999 but I’ve lived in Dallas, Johnson City, Tenn., Chicago, Williamsburg, Va., Milwaukee and Winter Park, Fla. Pittsburgh is now the place I call home.

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